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The biggest problem I had as a trainer before the DisruptiveStrong license program was finding content that was functional, challenging, fun, and different. I was constantly searching the internet, magazines, and books for training ideas. I have more free time to focus on other areas of health and fitness for my clients now that everything I was searching for is now at my fingertips. A different workout’s simple to follow and the programs work for my clients!

- Leigh Ann, Certified Personal Trainer
Before DisruptiveStrong, every workout and training session started to feel repetitive. The DisruptiveStrong workouts and training regimens are endless and provide a variety of workouts that can be adjusted for anyone who is interested. Conditioning has been completely reinvented for our clients and we can now push our athlete’s threshold in a much more practical manner.

- Daniel DelMastro, martial arts trainer
Being a small independent sports facility, we were looking for products that were affordable and extremely versatile. It was such a pain searching for products that were durable, affordable and versatile….and then we found DisruptiveStrong. The exercise and programming possibilities are unlimited. The DisruptiveStrong products take the place of so many other products (dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, med balls, sleds, etc) and they work every part of an athlete’s body in all planes. I am extremely satisfied with DisruptiveStrong!

- Michael Loper, sports training facility owner

Make More Money

Our two ready-made training programs will help you retain current members and attract new markets.

DisruptiveStrong Fitness

Your customers are always looking for something different. DisruptiveStrong Fitness provides you a turn key group training solution. Your clients will love that they can lift, strike, swing, and slam their way into shape while NEVER having to repeat the same workout TWICE.

DisruptiveStrong Fitness Facts

DisruptiveStrong Athletics

There are over 28 million kids playing sports in the United States. We have partnered with sports performance specialists and developed affordable, turn key solutions to help you advertise, capture, and profit from this booming market segment.

DisruptiveStrong Athletic Facts

Efficient Content Delivery.

We don’t use DVD’s or cumbersome videos that take forever to download. Our content delivery system was built for speed and portability so your instructors can access content quickly and on the run.

We Promise Exclusivity.

Unlike most license programs, we don’t just give a license to anyone who wants one. We provide market exclusivity to protect your territory and your profits.

Unparalleled variety and simplicity.

Our team of fitness experts design the programs and your instructors watch it and teach it. Quickly navigate the exercises and programs with our user friendly app or make up your own routines. Our nimble technology allows us to guarantee you 4 DIFFERENT workouts per week while most license programs update their choreography every 3 MONTHS!