Disruptive Strong Group Fitness Facts

  1. Never repeat the same workout twice, always changing.
  2. Work out every muscle, every time.
  3. Fast, effective 30 minute workouts.
  4. Burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes.
  5. Exercises are non traditional and never boring.
  6. High energy and challenging.
I have been working out for years at the gym and just never was able to get definition in my muscles like I see in so many women. After just one month of DisruptiveStrong boot camp, I started to see the definition in my arms and legs along with a stronger core than ever before.

- Karren Nunnery
I’m a cosmetologist that has to stand for long periods of time. Before DisruptiveStrong boot camp, I had to get messages every 4 weeks because I felt like a tight rubber band. I feel my body getting stronger and loosening up and my posture is 100% better!

- Jessica Bailey
Can’t imagine having a more diverse workout than DisruptiveStrong. Being a Marine, I thrive on doing new workouts to stay in top physical shape without doing the same boring workouts.Thanks for helping me achieve that!

- Robert Catching


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